Development kits

Raspberry Pi 4 B

The Raspberry Pi 4 B platform allows for the development of especially low-cost and energy-efficient embedded vision applications. The RPi 4 Model B offers significant increases in processor speed, memory and connectivity compared to their previous boards and runs seamlessly with The Imaging Source SDKs.

The preassembled development kits deliver plug-and-play functionality and come equipped with a flashed SD card containing all necessary FPD-Link III drivers. Camera modules featuring the latest Sony sensor technology provide exceptional image quality and color fidelity and ensure sustainable application design.

The platform is designed for developers and digital makers and offers developers broad community support.

The preassembled development kit includes:

  • Raspberry Pi 4 B (4GB) Developer Board
  • Sony sensor modules
  • M12 lens
  • Pre-flashed SD card
  • Dedicated heatsinks to prevent thermal throttling
Raspberry Pi

关于 The Imaging Source

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