MIPI CSI-2 board cameras


The Imaging Source board-level color cameras feature the latest Sony and ONSemi CMOS color sensors for embedded machine vision applications and support the platforms: NVIDIA Jetson Nano, NVIDIA Jetson AGX Xavier and Raspberry Pi 4. These high-performance MIPI CSI-2 color board-camera modules enable direct processor / ISP connection, avoiding latency issues and minimizing footprint. The MIPI CSI-2 camera modules are perfect for single and multi-camera embedded vision applications such as automotive and IoT as well as standard machine vision applications.

  • Resolution: 0.3 MP - 8.3 MP
  • Frame rate: up to 120 (color) / 240 fps (mono)
  • Dimensions: 30 x 30 x 12 mm
  • Pre-built OpenEmbedded images (standard sensor config.)
  • OpenEmbedded layers to build custom images
  • HALCON Ready

Pre-built kernel drivers are available for NVIDIA JetPack 4.3 SDK. The drivers are compliant with the NVIDIA l4t video4Linux interface and work with the standard NVIDIA software stack like JetCam, DeepStream SDK and others. The source code for all drivers is available upon request.

序列号 分辨率(最高) 帧速率 (最高) 规格 传感器 外触发 数字 I/Os 类型 快门
DFM 37MX297-ML DFM 37MX297-ML 720×540 (0.4 MP) 120 1/2.9 inch IMX297 CMOS Pregius 全局
DFM 37MX296-ML DFM 37MX296-ML 1,440×1,080 (1.6 MP) 60 1/2.9 inch IMX296 CMOS Pregius 全局
DFM 37MX290-ML DFM 37MX290-ML 1,920×1,080 (2.1 MP) 60 1/2.8 inch IMX290 CMOS STARVIS 卷帘
DFM 37MR0234-ML DFM 37MR0234-ML* 1,920×1,200 (2.3 MP) 120 1/2.6 inch AR0234CS CMOS 全局
DFM 37MX390-ML DFM 37MX390-ML 1,920×1,200 (2.3 MP) 60 1/2.7 inch IMX390 CMOS 卷帘
DFM 37MX335-ML DFM 37MX335-ML 2,592×1,944 (5 MP) 30 1/2.8 inch IMX335 CMOS STARVIS 卷帘
DFM 37MX334-ML DFM 37MX334-ML* 3,840×2,160 (8.3 MP) 30 1/1.8 inch IMX334 CMOS STARVIS 卷帘
* Available in Q4 2020. 依情况调动.

关于 The Imaging Source

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